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M-91 Medals

Hi-relief 1.5" die cast medals. The simplicity of these medals have the "old-school" look and feel of days gone by. Can be ordered with or without engraving on the back. Your color choice of neck ribbon is included. For the larger 2" version of this medal, see the M-90X Series.

Available in Antique Gold, Silver and Bronze

Achievement - M91A1

Cheer - M91C1

Gymnastics - M91G2

Music - M91M1

Swim, Male  - M91S2

Swim, Male - M91S2

Volleyball  - M91V1

Volleyball - M91V1

Baseball - M91B1

Cross Country - M913

Hockey - M91H1

Soccer - M91S1

Track  - M91T2

Track - M91T2

Wrestling  - M91W1

Wrestling - M91W1

Basketball - M91B2

Football - M91F1

Karate - M91K1

Softball - M91S4

Triathlon  - M91T3

Triathlon - M91T3

Back of Medal

Back of Medal

Bowling - M91B3

Golf - M91G1

Knowledge - M91L1

Swim, Female - M91S3

Twirling  - M91T5

Twirling - M91T5